Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What??? NO, not GAINING Weight??...

Ok, so this is not going to plan! I ate really well (minus the peach cobbler and caramel shortcake and lovely scone) and I exercised a lot more than normal. And...stepped on the scale this morning only to find that I have gained a pound. What in the world?? And this is the way it goes: after a lot of back and forth, back and forth, you finally get up the courage to step on the scale. You have to get pumped to do this...a few jumping jacks and an extra trip to the toilet, a few pushups and you are on your way to the ultimate test...the dreaded scale. You even skip to the scale like knowing that you have lost weight. Singing and skipping all the way there...you step on...and the few seconds to get that number feels at least like a few minutes. And you either hop off the scale and skip back across the room or you drop your shoulders, bow your head and sheepishly step off the scale and drag your feet across the room. And when someone asks if you have weighed yourself...you say "no, no, not yet...not enough time with all the working out I've been doing." Well, that was me yesterday! And I did worse than that...I told myself that it was muscle that I have gained. haha! I don't think that you can use that excuse until you lose all your weight and then you start to gain muscle.
So, this week, I have to cut out all the yummy treats and work out a little harder. I think I am going to add sprints in my running workout and cross my fingers that I don't pull a hamstring.
I even worked out on Sunday...running 3 miles pushing the stroller. I am not going to let this little setback discourage me. I am on it again this week...working harder, eating less treats (boo) and changing my work out routine a little.
Til tomorrow,
Skinny Jeans seem like a mile away.

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