Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What??? NO, not GAINING Weight??...

Ok, so this is not going to plan! I ate really well (minus the peach cobbler and caramel shortcake and lovely scone) and I exercised a lot more than normal. And...stepped on the scale this morning only to find that I have gained a pound. What in the world?? And this is the way it goes: after a lot of back and forth, back and forth, you finally get up the courage to step on the scale. You have to get pumped to do this...a few jumping jacks and an extra trip to the toilet, a few pushups and you are on your way to the ultimate test...the dreaded scale. You even skip to the scale like knowing that you have lost weight. Singing and skipping all the way there...you step on...and the few seconds to get that number feels at least like a few minutes. And you either hop off the scale and skip back across the room or you drop your shoulders, bow your head and sheepishly step off the scale and drag your feet across the room. And when someone asks if you have weighed yourself...you say "no, no, not yet...not enough time with all the working out I've been doing." Well, that was me yesterday! And I did worse than that...I told myself that it was muscle that I have gained. haha! I don't think that you can use that excuse until you lose all your weight and then you start to gain muscle.
So, this week, I have to cut out all the yummy treats and work out a little harder. I think I am going to add sprints in my running workout and cross my fingers that I don't pull a hamstring.
I even worked out on Sunday...running 3 miles pushing the stroller. I am not going to let this little setback discourage me. I am on it again this week...working harder, eating less treats (boo) and changing my work out routine a little.
Til tomorrow,
Skinny Jeans seem like a mile away.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Weather Wise, It's Such a Coo Coo Day...

Strangely enough, I felt quite motivated when I woke up this morning and I am not a morning person. But much to my chagrin, guess what...it was raining and has been all day. Not even a glimmer of hope that the sun would poke out...nothing, not even a ray of sunshine. Isaac and I both get a bit stir crazy if we are indoors all day so we did manage to get out. We put on the stroller rain cover, jackets and I put on my wellies (very English) and braved the rain. Knowing that I would only be walking because I have tried to run in wellies before and I look and feel like a pigeon toed goof ball, Isaac and I headed straight for the hills. I was able to walk a mile and do all of my toning exercises. Phew...barely! And what was stuck in my head during my wet walk??? Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly with Me." My head bobs like a crazy person when I sing it and Isaac stares at me very intently. "weather wise, it's such a coo coo day." But it has a fine beat and makes working out in the rain so much better.
And it has definitely been a coo coo day...coo coo week really. Here's to a sunny weekend and a motivated week next week. And here's to Friday!!

Breakfast: Strawberry & Banana & Almond with honey Smoothie-tastic.
Mid-morning snack: Granola bar that was chewy and had chocolate chips in it so I don't know how healthy that is!
Lunch: Bagel turkey sandwich
Mid-afternoon snack: Ants on a Log: banana, peanut butter topped with raisins. Gave some peanut butter to Elvis (our dog)...I am so easily pleased.
Dinner: Cod fish roasted with roasted avocado and cherry tomatoes. I just put the cod, avocado and cherry tomatoes in a foil packet with some olive oil and pepper and in the oven for 20 minutes. It's such an easy dish and relatively healthy. Had a side spinach salad too.
Cups of Water = 5; Cups of coffee = 3

30 minute/1 mile hilly walk.
30 Lunges
20 push ups
50 triceps
50 calves
50 knee raises

Overall, a good week. Would have like to have worked out a bit more but I think that is a good start. It was actually enjoyable to be creative with my workouts. I enjoy running but I also enjoy mixing it up a bit. I bore really easily. And it has been a coo coo week with the weather.

Til tomorrow,
Let the sun shine on my skinny jeans.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

We are Stroller-fit...

My day started off with an early morning workout of Tango and Fox Trot...my favorite type of workout. My heart rate increases, I sweat and I thoroughly enjoy it and you can't beat that. Burning calories doing something you totally love is the ticket! I just started going back to dance 3 weeks ago and I am totally out of dance shape. But it feels good to do something for myself once a week for a few hours.
You definitely have to be creative with this English weather. Another rainy day and another day of figuring out how to burn calories. And this is when I discovered Stroller-fit...my made up fit class. Isaac and I managed to duck and dive the rain and go for a long walk. I discovered that even with the stroller, I can burn calories doing things other than walking. I used the stroller to keep my body upright when doing lunges, which means more work for those thighs...feel the burn! Another exercise that I did with the stroller as an aid is tricep exercises. With the BRAKE ON, I slowly and very controlled used the handle of the stroller to push the stroller up and down with my back facing Isaac. So basically, the stroller was on the back two wheels and then flat...50 times. Isaac was lost at the very bottom of the stroller before we were finished. He thought it was hilarious. I am going to work on more stroller-fit exercises for mommy's. What a fun, fun day!!!

Breakfast: A banana because I was on the run trying to get to dance on time.
Mid-morning snack: Crackers & cheese and Yogurt.
Lunch: Veggie plate with celery, carrots, olives & broccoli with some veggie dip.
Mid-afternoon snack: Rice cake, blueberry's and a hand full of nuts. :o)
Dinner: Grilled chicken, spinach salad, & roasted carrots.
Cups of Water = 4; Cups of Coffee = 2; 1 Coke

2 hours of dance.
1 hr walk
20e lunges (stroller-fit)
50 triceps (stroller-fit)
10 push ups

Trying to stay motivated and be creative has been difficult the past 2 days. It hasn't even been a week yet and I am having to will myself to get out the door and burn some calories. I have got to get more motivated!!! Tips for motivation - drink more coffee! :o)

Til tomorrow,
Dancing my way to skinny jeans!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Each day usually starts off with a smoothie. Some days they are smoothie-tastic and others...not so much. Smoothie's are the best...you just take whatever you have, throw it in the blender, add some milk or juice and viola...a delish, healthy breakfast. Be careful of what you "throw in" because I have made some that are worse and more tart than sucking on a raw lemon. Cue puckered lips and frowny eyebrows.
I usually stick with what I know and I know I like strawberry's and bananas and I definitely like them together. Whatever you throw in, just add 1/2 or 1 cup of milk & some ice....it's that easy. It's healthy, it's easy and it's quick and after you drink it...you feel full as a tick...how can you beat that?!? I don't use a recipe but for some easy smoothie ideas, I use this website: http://www.smoothieweb.com/.
Today's work out was a bit different because of the rainy weather but I managed to burn a few calories being very creative. I used to teach Zumba in the US and when I first arrived in the UK so I thought...what an easy workout to do at home and totally better than jumping jacks in the living room. Isaac thought I was bonkers but he has his whole life to get used to a bonkers mom.

Breakfast - Smoothie-tastic: strawberry, banana and rasberry smoothie with a cup of milk.
Mid-morning snack - plain pretzels = boring!
Lunch - salad with italian dressing
Mid-afternoon snack - coffee and a scone with jam.
Dinner - Salmon, roasted potatoes and a spinach salad = somewhat boring but delish!
Cups of Water = 3; Cups of coffee = 3

20 lunges each leg indoors
20 push-ups indoors
20 triceps indoors using a chair (stable chair...I've made that mistake before...cue sore bum)
30 minutes of Zumba = Fun, fun, fun!
+40 minutes of walking with a dear friend!

Indoor exercises were not as boring as anticipated. Throw in a zumba CD, some salsa music and a 3 month old onlooker and you get 30 minutes of wonderful fun.

Til tomorrow...
Eyes on Skinny Jeans. xx

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Coffee Shops & English Weather...

Today was a test of my self control and I failed miserably. My favorite simple pleasure and thus, my ultimate downfall is coffee and more specifically, a good, hot latte. And how can you just have a latte without a sweet snack?? How can you deny yourself a chocolate muffin or a caramel shortcake when all these lovely things are staring at you when you are ordering that lonesome latte? It's so hard and today, I gave in to a caramel shortcake to go with my latte. I didn't even look at the calories because it just makes me feel guilty and I would have eaten it anyways. Let's face it, I can give up the caramel shortcake but I cannot give up my latte. I'm a new mommy...coffee is a staple in this diet. I mean, I didn't even know that 6am existed before Isaac. I had heard about this insane time of day but never experienced it until Isaac was born. And now I welcome 6am with open arms as long as these two arms have hands with a cuppa in each!
Another obstacle to overcome with this project is the horrible, I mean, lovely English weather. I have never seen so many grey and rainy days in all my life. Bottom line: Coffee shops and English weather go together!!!
I don't mind working out with a little rain but getting motivated to get out the door is the true obstacle. I found a great website that gives some ideas on working out indoors. I don't really like working out indoors because it's so easy not to do it. But here is the link http://www.moneycrashers.com/indoor-at-home-exercises-without-equipment/.
So the sun decided to come out this evening...yippie! :o( Just in time so I couldn't be lazy and pretend like I was doing an indoor workout. Let's face it...the villagers already think I am a little odd because I say "ya'll" and "awesome" all the time. If they saw me doing jumping jacks in the living room, they might think I have gone completely mad.

Breakfast: Banana & Wheatabix. For the record, weatabix = gross. Will not have that again.
Mid-morning snack: My high fat chocolate & caramel shortbread and latte.
Lunch: Salad with italian dressing.
Mid-afternoon snack: Yogurt
Dinner: A scrumptious homemade hamburger with tomato and lettuce & a side salad. No french fries or chips...boo! A little mayo and ketchup...you gotta dress it up.
Glasses of water = 5; Cups of Coffee = 25....no, just kidding, only 2.

30 Minute workout - I ran for 1 mile pushing the stroller and 1 mile without the stroller. After that 1 mile pushing the stroller, I firmly believe that Isaac weighed 50 lbs.
20 lunges
50 cruches
20 push-ups
+ a 45 min walk mid morning

Yippie for not having to do jumping jacks in the living room. Rain has been forecasted for the rest of the year in the UK so look out for some good ole indoor exercises.

Today has been another success in my book despite the lovely caramel treat.
Til tomorrow,
Skinny Jeans in sight!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Start Weight: 146.9 lbs...

So I wasn't that disappointed when I weighed myself this morning for the start of my project skinny jeans. I have lost 6 lbs from just walking these past few weeks. My start weight is 146.9 lbs and for all of my British friends, that is 10.9 stones. For all of my American friends 1 stone = 14 lbs.
And I am off with a good start on this Monday even though I was feeling a wee bit tired having been out last night with Steve. We stayed up way past our bedtime of 9pm. I managed to push on and have a great start day.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole grain toast with butter and jam. I could have left off the butter but...woops!
Mid-morning snack: Carrots & Celery with veggie dip. I could have left off the dip...another woops!
Lunch: Cheese & Crackers with a banana.
Mid-afternoon snack: Yogurt
Dinner: A lovely Greek chicken wrap. 1 tortilla wrap, hummus, grilled chicken, black olives, lettuce, feta cheese and italian dressing. YUMMY...could have left off the feta...yet another woops!!
Dessert: Woops all around!!! Had a peach cobbler left over from a visit with friends. I had to eat it with ice cream...of course!

20 Minute workout: I jogged 2 miles.
20 each leg lunges
50 crunches
20 push ups

I feel pretty good. I think that tomorrow, I will have to increase my water intake as I completely forgot to drink any water today. I need to get in my 8 glasses a day. I did have a coke...I guess that would be another woopsie. And some water before and after the run.

I found a great website that I was looking at with easy work out routines and clean eating ideas. I like this website because the author is real and knows when to enjoy some peach cobbler and ice cream!

Day 1 down and what a great day it has been!

Project Skinny Jeans signing out til tomorrow!!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Breastfeeding: The Start of Weight Loss

I really, really believe that breastfeeding is so good for your babies and YOURSELF. There are so many benefits of breastfeeding and one of those benefits is that it initially helps in weight loss. It helps your uterus contract quickly and more naturally which simply means that your floppy stomach goes down quicker.
Though I struggled severely with breastfeeding at the beginning, it did help my stomach deflate...which is exactly what it felt like was happening. Each day, it was going down and even though I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, I was motivated by not only the health benefits for my baby but also motivated by watching my weight disappear.
Although breastfeeding is a great start for weight loss, it is only the beginning. It was my number 2 wrong assumption that breastfeeding would just make me go back to my 125 lbs. I am 14 weeks post pregnancy and have just gotten motivated to begin this weight loss journey. Before now, I was healing both physically and emotionally and really just trying to get in to the swing of being a mommy. I personally think that you need those first few weeks to do just that...to heal, to get your head around everything and to focus on your baby.
So, my first weight loss tip before we start our weight loss project skinny jeans is that breastfeeding aids in the initial weight loss and secondly, to spend your first few weeks being you and being a new mommy. I really struggled those first few weeks and couldn't even think of working out or how to manage to fit that in to my new mommy schedule of feeding. But now I am motivated and ready to get back in to those skinny jeans.
Project skinny jeans will start on Monday...a new week...a new me!! Looking forward to sharing my journey!!