Monday, 22 August 2011

Start Weight: 146.9 lbs...

So I wasn't that disappointed when I weighed myself this morning for the start of my project skinny jeans. I have lost 6 lbs from just walking these past few weeks. My start weight is 146.9 lbs and for all of my British friends, that is 10.9 stones. For all of my American friends 1 stone = 14 lbs.
And I am off with a good start on this Monday even though I was feeling a wee bit tired having been out last night with Steve. We stayed up way past our bedtime of 9pm. I managed to push on and have a great start day.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole grain toast with butter and jam. I could have left off the butter but...woops!
Mid-morning snack: Carrots & Celery with veggie dip. I could have left off the dip...another woops!
Lunch: Cheese & Crackers with a banana.
Mid-afternoon snack: Yogurt
Dinner: A lovely Greek chicken wrap. 1 tortilla wrap, hummus, grilled chicken, black olives, lettuce, feta cheese and italian dressing. YUMMY...could have left off the feta...yet another woops!!
Dessert: Woops all around!!! Had a peach cobbler left over from a visit with friends. I had to eat it with ice cream...of course!

20 Minute workout: I jogged 2 miles.
20 each leg lunges
50 crunches
20 push ups

I feel pretty good. I think that tomorrow, I will have to increase my water intake as I completely forgot to drink any water today. I need to get in my 8 glasses a day. I did have a coke...I guess that would be another woopsie. And some water before and after the run.

I found a great website that I was looking at with easy work out routines and clean eating ideas. I like this website because the author is real and knows when to enjoy some peach cobbler and ice cream!

Day 1 down and what a great day it has been!

Project Skinny Jeans signing out til tomorrow!!