Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Each day usually starts off with a smoothie. Some days they are smoothie-tastic and others...not so much. Smoothie's are the just take whatever you have, throw it in the blender, add some milk or juice and viola...a delish, healthy breakfast. Be careful of what you "throw in" because I have made some that are worse and more tart than sucking on a raw lemon. Cue puckered lips and frowny eyebrows.
I usually stick with what I know and I know I like strawberry's and bananas and I definitely like them together. Whatever you throw in, just add 1/2 or 1 cup of milk & some's that easy. It's healthy, it's easy and it's quick and after you drink feel full as a can you beat that?!? I don't use a recipe but for some easy smoothie ideas, I use this website:
Today's work out was a bit different because of the rainy weather but I managed to burn a few calories being very creative. I used to teach Zumba in the US and when I first arrived in the UK so I thought...what an easy workout to do at home and totally better than jumping jacks in the living room. Isaac thought I was bonkers but he has his whole life to get used to a bonkers mom.

Breakfast - Smoothie-tastic: strawberry, banana and rasberry smoothie with a cup of milk.
Mid-morning snack - plain pretzels = boring!
Lunch - salad with italian dressing
Mid-afternoon snack - coffee and a scone with jam.
Dinner - Salmon, roasted potatoes and a spinach salad = somewhat boring but delish!
Cups of Water = 3; Cups of coffee = 3

20 lunges each leg indoors
20 push-ups indoors
20 triceps indoors using a chair (stable chair...I've made that mistake before...cue sore bum)
30 minutes of Zumba = Fun, fun, fun!
+40 minutes of walking with a dear friend!

Indoor exercises were not as boring as anticipated. Throw in a zumba CD, some salsa music and a 3 month old onlooker and you get 30 minutes of wonderful fun.

Til tomorrow...
Eyes on Skinny Jeans. xx

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