Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Coffee Shops & English Weather...

Today was a test of my self control and I failed miserably. My favorite simple pleasure and thus, my ultimate downfall is coffee and more specifically, a good, hot latte. And how can you just have a latte without a sweet snack?? How can you deny yourself a chocolate muffin or a caramel shortcake when all these lovely things are staring at you when you are ordering that lonesome latte? It's so hard and today, I gave in to a caramel shortcake to go with my latte. I didn't even look at the calories because it just makes me feel guilty and I would have eaten it anyways. Let's face it, I can give up the caramel shortcake but I cannot give up my latte. I'm a new mommy...coffee is a staple in this diet. I mean, I didn't even know that 6am existed before Isaac. I had heard about this insane time of day but never experienced it until Isaac was born. And now I welcome 6am with open arms as long as these two arms have hands with a cuppa in each!
Another obstacle to overcome with this project is the horrible, I mean, lovely English weather. I have never seen so many grey and rainy days in all my life. Bottom line: Coffee shops and English weather go together!!!
I don't mind working out with a little rain but getting motivated to get out the door is the true obstacle. I found a great website that gives some ideas on working out indoors. I don't really like working out indoors because it's so easy not to do it. But here is the link http://www.moneycrashers.com/indoor-at-home-exercises-without-equipment/.
So the sun decided to come out this evening...yippie! :o( Just in time so I couldn't be lazy and pretend like I was doing an indoor workout. Let's face it...the villagers already think I am a little odd because I say "ya'll" and "awesome" all the time. If they saw me doing jumping jacks in the living room, they might think I have gone completely mad.

Breakfast: Banana & Wheatabix. For the record, weatabix = gross. Will not have that again.
Mid-morning snack: My high fat chocolate & caramel shortbread and latte.
Lunch: Salad with italian dressing.
Mid-afternoon snack: Yogurt
Dinner: A scrumptious homemade hamburger with tomato and lettuce & a side salad. No french fries or chips...boo! A little mayo and ketchup...you gotta dress it up.
Glasses of water = 5; Cups of Coffee = 25....no, just kidding, only 2.

30 Minute workout - I ran for 1 mile pushing the stroller and 1 mile without the stroller. After that 1 mile pushing the stroller, I firmly believe that Isaac weighed 50 lbs.
20 lunges
50 cruches
20 push-ups
+ a 45 min walk mid morning

Yippie for not having to do jumping jacks in the living room. Rain has been forecasted for the rest of the year in the UK so look out for some good ole indoor exercises.

Today has been another success in my book despite the lovely caramel treat.
Til tomorrow,
Skinny Jeans in sight!!

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  1. Don't be hard on yourself...you will succeed. And when you come here, I already have a buddy pass waiting for you to join me at Bally's.