Saturday, 20 August 2011

Breastfeeding: The Start of Weight Loss

I really, really believe that breastfeeding is so good for your babies and YOURSELF. There are so many benefits of breastfeeding and one of those benefits is that it initially helps in weight loss. It helps your uterus contract quickly and more naturally which simply means that your floppy stomach goes down quicker.
Though I struggled severely with breastfeeding at the beginning, it did help my stomach deflate...which is exactly what it felt like was happening. Each day, it was going down and even though I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, I was motivated by not only the health benefits for my baby but also motivated by watching my weight disappear.
Although breastfeeding is a great start for weight loss, it is only the beginning. It was my number 2 wrong assumption that breastfeeding would just make me go back to my 125 lbs. I am 14 weeks post pregnancy and have just gotten motivated to begin this weight loss journey. Before now, I was healing both physically and emotionally and really just trying to get in to the swing of being a mommy. I personally think that you need those first few weeks to do just heal, to get your head around everything and to focus on your baby.
So, my first weight loss tip before we start our weight loss project skinny jeans is that breastfeeding aids in the initial weight loss and secondly, to spend your first few weeks being you and being a new mommy. I really struggled those first few weeks and couldn't even think of working out or how to manage to fit that in to my new mommy schedule of feeding. But now I am motivated and ready to get back in to those skinny jeans.
Project skinny jeans will start on Monday...a new week...a new me!! Looking forward to sharing my journey!!

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  1. You will succeed. You always succeed. You will be the hot mommy at preschool!