Thursday, 25 August 2011

We are Stroller-fit...

My day started off with an early morning workout of Tango and Fox favorite type of workout. My heart rate increases, I sweat and I thoroughly enjoy it and you can't beat that. Burning calories doing something you totally love is the ticket! I just started going back to dance 3 weeks ago and I am totally out of dance shape. But it feels good to do something for myself once a week for a few hours.
You definitely have to be creative with this English weather. Another rainy day and another day of figuring out how to burn calories. And this is when I discovered made up fit class. Isaac and I managed to duck and dive the rain and go for a long walk. I discovered that even with the stroller, I can burn calories doing things other than walking. I used the stroller to keep my body upright when doing lunges, which means more work for those thighs...feel the burn! Another exercise that I did with the stroller as an aid is tricep exercises. With the BRAKE ON, I slowly and very controlled used the handle of the stroller to push the stroller up and down with my back facing Isaac. So basically, the stroller was on the back two wheels and then flat...50 times. Isaac was lost at the very bottom of the stroller before we were finished. He thought it was hilarious. I am going to work on more stroller-fit exercises for mommy's. What a fun, fun day!!!

Breakfast: A banana because I was on the run trying to get to dance on time.
Mid-morning snack: Crackers & cheese and Yogurt.
Lunch: Veggie plate with celery, carrots, olives & broccoli with some veggie dip.
Mid-afternoon snack: Rice cake, blueberry's and a hand full of nuts. :o)
Dinner: Grilled chicken, spinach salad, & roasted carrots.
Cups of Water = 4; Cups of Coffee = 2; 1 Coke

2 hours of dance.
1 hr walk
20e lunges (stroller-fit)
50 triceps (stroller-fit)
10 push ups

Trying to stay motivated and be creative has been difficult the past 2 days. It hasn't even been a week yet and I am having to will myself to get out the door and burn some calories. I have got to get more motivated!!! Tips for motivation - drink more coffee! :o)

Til tomorrow,
Dancing my way to skinny jeans!!

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